Call of Duty

Warzone Bug Gives Players a Permanent Slide Boost in Power Grab LTM

Verdansk Plaza in the new Reloaded updated
Verdansk Plaza in the new Reloaded updated / Photo by Activision

A bug has surfaced after Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update came to the surface that allows players to permanently slide boost; it can be used throughout an entire match.

As per usual with every new update to Call of Duty and Warzone, new guns, features, and events were introduced to the game. Players could check out everything the update had to offer be it the new weapons, the Rambo & Die Hard skins, or even the new changes to the Verdansk map. It was certainly a hefty amount of content.

But even with all of these changes available to players, the Power Grab LTM has been the one to catch the most attention of all. The fast-paced mode subtracts the Gulag from the game and pits players against each other, collecting dog tags and respawn tokens.

Players have been enjoying the game mode to its fullest extent, this also means that players have encountered bugs, one, in particular, allows players to slide three times its normal distance.

Warzone’s Power Grab Slide Bug

Sliding in any Call of Duty is one of the most useful tools any player can add to their arsenal. Players who utilize the slide mechanic can give themselves a hefty advantage over any opponent, more so if they learn how to slide cancel.

Add the fact of the possibility to slide in a game and cover three times the distance, it’s undoubtedly a mechanic that in the hands of any strong player could take over, although not intended.

During a Power Grab match, Warzone player, NolmKenny, explained on Reddit that they found a buff that is given to players after they’ve collected a dog tag that wasn’t wearing off. This meant that they had access to a slide boost throughout the entire match. On top of it being permanent, the distance traveled seemed to be several times the normal amount.

According to the Warzone player, the glutch began right after they collected a dog tag, the power-up provided by the item never ceased.