Warzone Buy Stations Are Still Breaking Games

Image courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone's rampant Buy Station glitches are still causing trouble, with players continuing to grow frustrated with the state of the game.

Anyone who's played more than a few games of Warzone over the years would have likely come into contact with one of the game's many bugs and glitches. One of the most notorious being linked to Buy Stations.

For the unfamiliar, Buy Stations are where players go to spend the in-game cash they've accrued throughout the match. They can purchase weapon loadouts, teammate revives, equipment replenishment and more. Needless to say, they're a huge part of your standard game of Warzone.

While they should be a life-saver, many Warzone players find themselves taking a gamble when it comes to using one. It'll either work as intended, or leave players with an often game-breaking bug. Not quite the chance you want to take.

While Raven Software claimed to have fixed a number of Buy Station bugs, the most recent being one that freezes the game entirely, it seems that the problem continues to persist.

Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations Are Trapping Players

Peruse the Warzone Reddit and you'll quickly encounter players who have their own tale to tell of a Buy Station bug. User ThermiteKing posted a clip recently, detailing how they went to use a Buy Station only to soon find themselves trapped between it and the wall.

"Long story short I went to get a self revive and a UAV at the Prison Courtyard Buy Station, and this glitch happened to me causing me to glitch into the Buy Station,” the user said.

Veteran Warzone players were quick to lament about the bug, explaining how it's been an issue for a while. "So you laid down next to an unopened Buy Station, right? I had this happen first week of verdansk and apparently they still haven’t fixed it," said user Eat-My-Cloaca.

Another commentor said, "It's happened to me a couple times in Verdansk. Don't even need to be laying down. Just never be against the side of the Buy Station and the wall behind it, it will trap you against the wall when it opens."

Given how long this glitch has been around, Warzone players likely shouldn't expect any fixes in the near future. Players have been highlighting these bugs for some time, yet it seems Raven Software haven't been able to stamp them out for good.

In the meantime, players should once again be wary of Buy Stations in Warzone. It could just mean the end of the match for you.