Warzone Caldera Exploit Lets Players Camp Inside Walls at Sub Pen

"They're in the walls!"
"They're in the walls!" / Image courtesy of didonato, Activision

Another week, another broken walls exploit found in Warzone Pacific it seems, unfortunately, as players have reported a case having to do with the main building in Caldera's Sub Pen POI.

An issue that has already long been spotted in Arsenal, Docks, Fields and Mines, as well as Stadium during the Verdansk era, it appears Raven Software and co. can simply add the Shark’s Lair to the list. Check out this footage of the exploit encountered by Reddit user u/didonato.

On Tuesday, didonato posted a thread to the Warzone Subreddit titled, "Is this a known glitch spot or what?"

In less than a minute, didonato showcased just how fast their duos games was dumpstered due to other players using the exploit.

After taking a look at their Heartbeat Sensor while on top of the Shark's Lair Submarine Pen, didonato and their teammate assumed that they were above two other players inside the building.

Although they were correct, this didn't matter at all, unfortunately, since the exploiters proceeded to gun them down in quick succession with no restrictions.

Using simply a ground loot STG44, the cheater can be seen in the killcam not moving an inch while having a clear view of the players and the entire roof from below.

As shown in the comments to the thread since then, it seems this particular glitch has been an issue for several weeks now, with the only way to tell if someone's camping in the walls being checking the mini-map and seeing if a vehicle is in the building.

Hopefully, Raven and co. can take note of these reports to get these Caldera glitches worked out as soon as possible.

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