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Warzone Console Players Want to Ditch Game Over Constant Bugs

Image courtesy of Activision

Warzone Pacific's issues and bugs are starting to wear down the game's console players.

The community reception to Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has been disparate at best. While some players are happy to see the Battle Royale get a bit of a refresh, others have been struggling with the game's performance since its launch.

Warzone Pacific was a highly-anticipated season for the online mulitplayer, having been hyped extensively in the run-up to its release. Sadly, upon launch, many quickly encountered a huge amount of bugs and glitches that made the game nearly unplayable on certain platforms. PlayStation players, in particular, were experiencing game-breaking crashes just minutes after the servers went live.

All of this, coupled with the lack of an FOV slider, has left console players feeling pretty slighted. Many have taken to various forums to post about their experiences with the game so far, with some feeling like they're read to ditch the game altogether.

Warzone Console Players Want to Ditch Game Over Constant Bugs

User c7xss took to the COD Warzone subreddit to post about their experience with the game, saying "I don’t know how much longer I can play on console." The post sparked a discussion where other players shared how the game's bugs and lack of FOV slider was ruining their matches. A lack of console-only cross play options were also brought up.

"I realised a while back that in this game we console players are just there to be farmed for kills by pc players. Haven't played since." said lego4231.

The subreddit has become filled with players posting their grievances. One player said, "Ever since they brought back Rebirth, the buy station makes my game freeze for 5-10 seconds or just completely crashes to the Xbox dashboard every time I use it."

While fixes for these ongoing issues have yet to arrive, Raven Software has assured players that they're still working on it. Whether or not that will be enough to stop a mass exodus from Warzone is yet to be seen.