Warzone Content Creators Hype Up New Release, Should You Be Excited?

Here's why you should be excited for the new Warzone release.
Here's why you should be excited for the new Warzone release. / Activision

Ahead of Call of Duty: NEXT, Warzone content creators are hyping up the new map coming to the Battle Royale in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 era.

Call of Duty: NEXT offers the first look at the changes coming to Call of Duty: Warzone in just a few months. After Al Mazrah and Ashika Island failed to live up to the greatness of Verdansk and Rebirth Island, many Warzone players have waited for a new map to revive the Battle Royale.

According to content creators who got to play the upcoming Verdansk-inspired playground, Warzone could be returning back to its glory days.

Warzone Content Creators Hype Up New Release

After just one day participating in the Call of Duty: NEXT event, many prominent Warzone content creators took to X to hype up the new release.

Aydan "Aydan" Conrad posted, "Warzone 3 will be the best Battle Royale of all time, better than Prime Fortnite & Verdansk. MARK. MY. WORDS."

One third of the winning World Series of Warzone 2023 trio, Diaz "Biffle," opted for a more understated post, writing, "Warzone is back.."

Now, it is no secret content creators sometimes overhype upcoming updates or releases in the Call of Duty community. However, after such a mediocre year of Warzone 2, any changes to the Battle Royale, including a new map, are a welcomed sight.

Should You Be Excited for the New Warzone Map?

Yes, you should be excited for the new Warzone map. Just from the few teaser images alone, the map looks better than Al Mazrah or Caldera. The layout has clear Verdansk influence with many close-quarter buildings, less water, and minimal open fields.

Back in July, Luke "Metaphor" Canning revealed, "I think it will be a lot of people's fav map."

Not only does the design look great, but the new movement coming in MW3 will also improve gameplay. The return of slide canceling increases the skill gap and makes close-range gunfights more dynamic.

Even if you are not sold on the map reveal just yet, you should be excited simply because it is not Al Mazrah.