Warzone Contract Glitch Lets Players Max Out Weapons 'Insanely Fast'

"Let me be honest, it will most likely get patched."
"Let me be honest, it will most likely get patched." / Image courtesy of Activision

In Warzone, by far the most important thing players must do before dropping into Caldera or Rebirth Island is have a custom loadout with max-level weapons.

Having the max level, of course, allows one to have all of a weapon's attachments at their disposal, which is even more important with the Call of Duty: Vanguard guns as each likely can equip up to 10 of them as well.

For those tired of mindlessly grinding out those weapon levels, however, it appears there is a bugged contract trick that's making the often laborious process a breeze to complete.

Warzone Contract Glitch Lets Players Max Out Weapons 'Insanely Fast'

As shown in a new YouTube video by Warzone content creator IceManIsaac, this exploit is currently making weapon leveling perhaps as easy as it's ever been, and will likely get nerfed very soon.

IceManIsaac got the heads up about the exploit on Twitter from user @iamthedugas, who explained just how broken the Top Secret contracts are.

With the Top Secret contracts, players who pick one up will be given a bounty, recon, supply run or most wanted contract.

Essentially, all players need to do is complete a couple of these during a single match, most likely Plunder, and get their next contract bonus to 100%. Once there, all contracts completed are seemingly handing out at least 2,500 Weapon XP, enough for a full level all the way up at Level 54.

"Imagine the amount of XP you could be gaining for when you're in the teens and the low-twenties," IceManIsaac said in the video. "You'll be going up three, four levels at a time."

It's interesting to note that according to @iamthedugas, when they got a bounty out of the Top Secret contract, however, it didn't give them any XP for completing it "3 out of 4 times."

Additionally, @iamthedugas said they're gaining 3,740 XP for doing a regular supply run in Plunder with a double XP token.

Some players theorize the XP numbers displayed in-game are just being displayed incorrectly, and the actual XP total is as normal, but the theory hasn't been proven either way.

For now, it seems it's a prime opportunity for players looking to max out their guns.