Call of Duty

Warzone Controller Players Demand Change of Loadout System

Image courtesy of Activision

At the start of Season 4, Warzone released several new changes to their game. Most of these changes received positive feedback, especially the newly added, Fortune's Keep map.

One change that did not receive positive feedback was a change to the loadout system — in fact, it's sparked a wave of complaints, especially in the controller community.

Players had gotten in the habit of choosing the specific loadout they wanted in the pregame lobby, and when they interacted with a loadout drop, their cursor would automatically hover over that loadout. The new change made it so that when players interacted with the drop, their cursor would hover over the top of the list, instead of the previously selected loadout.

Players were immediately frustrated as their muscle memory would immediately select a loadout, despite their cursor not being on the intended loadout.

Despite the backlash, Warzone Senior Creative Director Ted Timmons said that players will "just need the muscle memory to shift,"

In the comments, players voiced their complaints. One reply mentioned that this new change will take time, time that is needed when players drop for a contested loadout.

Another point noted in a rant by u/Putridzz on Reddit, is that players have several different classes. You cannot simply put the intended class at the top. Players make split-second decisions in-game on which set of weapons they want to choose.

As of now, it seems unlikely Warzone developers will revert the change.