Warzone Dev Offers Tips for Die Hard Location

Nakatomi Plaza presents new challenges and opportunities for Warzone players.
Nakatomi Plaza presents new challenges and opportunities for Warzone players. / Photo courtesy of Activision

A developer from High Moon Studios, the team responsible for bringing Nakatomi Plaza from "Die Hard" to Verdansk, has shared his tips for fighting in the new location.

Lead game designer Matt Krystek told PlayStation Blog that the most important first step in mastering Nakatomi Plaza is to learn the routes in the five playable floors of the building. He also recommended Warzone players avoid landing on the roof, as it exposes them to fire from all sides.

"You obviously have to learn the routes," he said. "Avoid dropping onto the roof right at the spawn or just be prepared for some really hot action. It is faster just to jump down the elevator shaft and pull your chute than it is to use the ascender. You’re going to need to mix up your loadout as there are definitely a lot of long and close-range fights. You can use some area of denial around the doors and the stairwells to lock those spaces down. Given the amount of verticality here, I think you know UAV’s and heartbeat sensors might not be as reliable, so maybe consider some different options."

Lead Warzone developer Amos Hodge from Raven Software also participated in the interview. He advised players to keep an eye out for secrets.

"For me, there's some unique gameplay here where you can unlock special loot if you find access to the vault," he said. "You can find some game-changing items for yourself. It's always cool to get in here and race for those items and unlock that stuff."

Nakatomi Plaza replaced the Broadcast Tower on Verdansk '84 in the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update earlier this week. It's now the tallest building in the game.

Hodge says players can expect more map-shifting changes in the future.

"We're definitely going to continue making updates. This is one of the first big splashes we're making, but you can expect continual updates to the map, new content and ways to play throughout the seasons," he said.