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Warzone Developers Consider Adopting Lower Loadout Prices

Image Property of Raven Software

Warzone developers of Raven Software are entertaining the idea of incorporating a continuously lowering price structure in Battle Royale matches.

A similar structure was incorporated earlier in August as a part of the Titanium Trials LTM, itself a spinoff of the popular Iron Trials LTM. Essentially, as the clock ticks and the round goes on, the price of Loadout Drops gets cheaper, allowing cash-poor players who may have had a bad start to the match to compete with those who've earned cash early on.

As a part of update v1.19, Loadout Drop prices were raised from 8500 to 10k cash in order to encourage Warzone players to duke it out with found weapons, rather than pay to win. Although cash can be earned throughout Battle Royale matches by completing contracts and other means, Loadout Drops are a huge advantage over the default loadout weapons. In the newly suggested structure, it appears that Warzone developers may have found a compromising solution.

Polling Indicates Change is Likely

With three hours left to remain in the poll, it is clear that the people are pro-price reduction, with more than 75% of voters saying aye.

Warzone BR matches are dangerous enough without having to worry about earning money or scrounging around in the open for dropped weapons. If these changes are adopted, they could serve to equalize the playing field in Battle Royale matches, as well as escalate the final moments of gameplay into complete chaos.

Although Raven Software has a great reputation of incorporating customer feedback into their games, there's no telling exactly what form these changes will take. It is clear now that people want cheaper weapons. And why wouldn't they? If you could buy something for $10, or wait 1 minute and buy it for $9, what would you do?