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Warzone Developers Respond to Broken Buy Station Bug in New Update

Photo by Activision

The newest Warzone update fixed a couple of bugs in-game including a buy station bug that delayed their appearance on the map.

A recent Reddit post, described exactly what was seen when this bug occurred in a game.

In the post, the user says, "There were no buy stations on the map when I dropped. Just after the first loadout, some appeared. Later more appeared. I grabbed a Supply Run contract and it pointed to a spot on the map where there was no buy station."

"I thought is maybe just a bug for me, but I didn't hear any "Enemy UAV overhead" callouts and people I killed all had lots of money, so it's either intentional or a bug affecting everybody I think."

It did not take to long before the Warzone devs took notice and gave a response on twitter.

Raven Software did confirm quickly that the bug was not intentional and it should be fixed sooner rather than later.

With Raven Software addressing this bug quickly, fans will be able to grab their loadouts without any more problems.

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