Warzone Devs Promise PPSh Nerf After Accidental Super Buff

PPSh-41 / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone developers have promised a fix to the PPSh after an accidental buff made it one of the most powerful weapons in Warzone.

In the days after the Warzone Pacific Season 2 update, players discovered that the PPSh-41 had received a secret buff that massively boosted its damage. Players found the weapon’s time-to-kill had decreased to less than half of a second, making it far more powerful than any other weapon.

Now, Warzone developers have heard the community and taken notice of the issue, and are working on a fix.

On Feb. 22, Raven Software tweeted they were aware of the issues with the PPSh, and were working on a fix to bring it back to where it should be.

“We’re aware of an issue with the PPSh-41’s damage profile, which has resulted in an unintended increase to both its base damage and location-based multipliers,” they posted. “Efforts are undergoing to bring the weapon back in-line.”

This is welcome news to the Warzone community, who have struggled with communicating with developers over the current state of the game and lingering issues. Developers taking notice of this issue in just a few days and pledging to fix it is a step in the right direction.

A patch release date is unknown, as well as any date for a hotfix, so stay tuned to find out when the PPSh glitch will be fixed, and until it is, enjoy racking up kills with the weapon while it's still overpowered.