Warzone Duos Available for the First Time

Warzone duos are now available.
Warzone duos are now available. / Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Call of Duty: Warzone received a duos game mode for the first time in its history Friday following a playlist update.

Warzone launched with trios, allowing teams of three to play together. The game added the ability to queue and compete solo in mid-March, but developer Infinity Ward long resisted fan calls to add a duos mode to the game.

The game mode arrives alongside double experience bonuses for Modern Warfare and Warzone alike. Players will earn twice as much normal XP, weapon XP, and tier progression until 2 a.m. ET June 3.

Warzone Season 4 begins the same day the double XP event ends. It's set to bring new Operators, a new battle pass, new maps and more.