Warzone Easter Egg Teases Potential Battleship Arrival

A battleship may be coming to Warzone.
A battleship may be coming to Warzone. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty Season 2 hit Warzone this week, and it brought a new series of bunker codes that may ultimately lead to the arrival of a huge battleship.

Caldera now includes seven Chemical Weapon Research Labs. These labs contain high-quality loot, but perhaps more importantly players have discovered they each have a different line of Morse code. Players can receive these lines of Morse code by approaching the communication devices planted in each lab, but it's not clear what determines whether or not a player receives the code. It's possible the first player to enter the bunker and reach the comms unit will receive the code, but that's yet to be confirmed.

Call of Duty community members managed to collect each code and translate it. These are the messages so far:

  • Docks bunker 2: "Facility is able (to) deliver 5000 Gallons of N5 gas daily."
  • Runway bunker 3: "Recon station spotted Battleship 22 miles off the North coast."
  • Mines bunker 5: "Requesting repairs as Phosphate Mines conveyor track."
  • Lagoon bunker 8: "Alert: All planes on lookout for barrage balloons. Fire on sight."
  • Plentiful Fields bunker 10: "Compound N5 stable in chem bomb tests. Beginning distribution."
  • Power Plant bunker 12: "Prototype bombs are in transit. Confirm delivery."
  • Resort bunker 14: "Chemical leak detected in hatch 4. Send team to deploy decon stations."

It's unclear exactly what these codes could mean. Many seem to refer to features added in Season 2, including gas bombs, redeploy balloons and the Chemical Factory location.

The Runway bunker, however, may be teasing the arrival of a battleship in a future Warzone update. If we had more clues, we might be able to get a clearer picture, and there are five bunker hatches that haven't tied into this series of secrets — but for now the trail appears to end here. It's likely more surprises will be revealed later.