Warzone Error 8192 Frustrating Players as They Are Unable to Connect to Servers

Players have been experiencing issues connecting to Activision servers, and have been given an error code 8192.
Players have been experiencing issues connecting to Activision servers, and have been given an error code 8192. / Photo courtesy of Infinity Ward

Warzone error 8192 has been causing havoc over the past few days as players have been stuck in-game while the client attempts to fetch their online profile information. Issues with Modern Warfare servers is nothing new, and especially after the launch of Warzone in March these issues were compounded. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare set a benchmark by being the first in the series to enable crossplay across all major gaming platforms (PS4, Xbox, PC). Such a feat is remarkable considering the eternal console war between Microsoft and Sony, but it introduced new problems as Infinity Ward is still attempting to iron out the kinks.

What is Causing Warzone Error 8192?

Error 8192 coincides with Activision offering another free to play weekend for Multiplayer as well as Gunfight, and individuals are speculating that the sudden influx of new players are overloading servers across the world, denying some individuals access to the online features of the game. 

The free to play Multiplayer weekends have been largely a success for Activision, as individuals who primarily play the free Warzone client become hooked on the fast and furious pace of Call of Duty 6v6, 10v10, and Ground War modes - taking the leap to purchase the full game afterwards. 

What is Error 8192?

Error 8192 is a code that signifies that the game was unable to fetch the player’s data and profile from the servers, thus denying them entry. The error stems from the devs and publisher’s side, so not much can be done from the players perspective but wait it out and allow Activision to rectify the issue.

As of June 12 at 4:13 a.m. ET, Activision has stated that the issue has been resolved, but some players have been continuing to experience issues, and new ones have come up as well. Activision has mentioned that they will personally be logging any new complaints from players who continue to be denied entry to the servers, but we may have to sit and wait until the free Multiplayer weekend is over.