Warzone Events Removed: Event Spawn Rate Apparently Decreased

Warzone Events Removed is something players shouldn't be worried about in Season 4
Warzone Events Removed is something players shouldn't be worried about in Season 4 / Activision

Warzone events removed is a Call of Duty player's worst nightmare, it seems.

After the reveal of COD: Warzone's Season 4 patch, some players are reporting a drop in or complete lack of in-match events. Events are a way to spice things up in typically routine matches by adding on extra conditions or abilities midway through. Previously, events were completely random. Not every match had an event occur. In some ways, waiting for an event was a matter of luck rather than strategy.

Players could expect events in the time after the first loadout drop and before the Gulag closes.

Warzone Events Removed

Fortunately for Warzone fans, Activision did not remove events from their matches. Instead, they looked to add three new events to occur in that same mid-match zone. These are "Jailbreak," "Fire Sale," and "Supply Choppers."

A Jailbreak re-introduces all the players who were eliminated back into the match. If you've been killed and happen to be spectating the round, there's a chance you could be thrown back into the field. All players will get about a minute warning to grab any extra gear to refit their returning teammates.

A Fire Sale gives a massive discount to items at the Buy Station. This is typically around 80% or more. However, while abilities such as bringing back teammates are completely free, Supply Loadouts don't fall under the same criteria. This event only lasts for a minute.

Supply Choppers are unique vehicles that are deployed with the exclusive purpose of being shot down. Once destroyed, they drop tons of high quality loot in the form of armor, ammunition, and even rare weapons like the grenade launcher. Supply Choppers will fly away after a certain amount of time and loot must be collected manually.