Warzone Expert Predicts UGM-8 Nerf

Call of Duty: Warzone is nearing the end of its updates after Season 5 and with this final update comes many needed buffs or nerfs to better help balance the game.

With this being the final update that Warzone will be receiving, many people have been trying to predict which guns will come out unharmed and which will be worse to use after the updates.

YouTuber and content creator WhosImmortal seems to have a few ideas on how the update will shape up and weighed in with his opinion on which guns will see a nerf in the upcoming update.

WhosImmortal focused part of his video on the UGM-8 and how he believes it will recieve nerfs to better align it with other guns of the same class. WhosImmortal goes on to state that "the UGM for mid to long-range is insane, and while you have things like the Grau, Automaton, and Cooper that are good for long range, The UGM kills so much faster than all of them, it’s not even a close comparison.”

While the final update for Warzone is yet to be seen with the full patch notes, the UGM-8 is expected to recieve nerfs as it currently outshines nearly every other gun of its class.