Warzone Exploit Lets Players Break Into Mysterious Golden Vaults

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard
Courtesy of Activision Blizzard /

What was supposed to be a glorious reveal to players has now become an example of what determination and a bit of player ingenuity can do to completely mess up a developer's plans.

The Rebirth Reinforced update added mysterious these golden vault doors Warzone, slapping them down around the island to taunt players with their allure. It seems these vaults were supposed to be tied to a community event where players had to collect a certain amount of money in the Blood Money game mode.

However, this plan was cut short when a UK-based gamer by the name of BobnetworkUK managed to pass through the vaults' doors by having his friend hit him with a jeep.

Standing in front of the vault door facing away, he ordered his friend to drive into him at high speed, hoping to push him past the collision detection of the vault door. After a few failed attempts and retries, Bob's tactic worked, and he successfully made it past the golden doors. Making his way through the vault he managed to pick up scores of great loot, including several perks and a few guns, including the ultra rare minigun.

Unfortunately, there's no way to take all those rewards out into the match, as it's impossible to escape the vault. Raven will likely add that possibility later in the season.