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Warzone Exploit Lets Players Keep Full Loadout After Death

Image courtesy of Activision

A new exploit has been ruining Warzone matches, giving some players an unfair advantage over others.

Warzone players have been having a tough time lately. From game-breaking crashes to graphical glitches, it's getting harder and harder to experience a normal match in the Battle Royale. To make things worse, a new exploit seems to have surfaced which is allowing some players to keep their full loadout after death.

Even if you've only played a few games of Warzone, you'd understand that earning your loadout is a core element of this online mulitplayer. Earning your gear through loot or Buy Stations is part of the process, making death in Warzone even more perilous. Once you're dead, it's back to square one as far as loadouts are concerned.

That's why this new exploit in Caldera is upsetting the balance. Not only does it allow players to keep their loadouts, but it's actually locked behind a paid cosmetic esentially rendering this exploit as a 'pay-to-win' tactic.

Warzone Exploit Lets Players Keep Full Loadout After Death

In order for the exploit to work, players need to have a specific set of Lethal Equipment - Throwing Knives. But, not just your standard Throwing Knives, ones with either a flame or electric variant. While the variants are supposed to be purely cosmetic, with this exploit they've suddenly been given an unintentional usage.

Having these variants equipped means players are able to carry over any weapons or perks in their loadout once they die. This means that they can completely bypass the grind to reestablish their loadouts and jump straight back into the firefight.

If you notice that everyone is carrying Throwing Knives all of a sudden, you'll know why. There's no information yet on whether or not this exploit will be fixed. Until then, your games of Warzone might just be a little bit more unfair.