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Warzone Exploit Turns FiNN Into a God Tier Weapon

Courtesy of Activision

What's a new season of Call of Duty: Warzone without new exploit?

With the new season, there's a bug that allows players to use Vanguard attachments and perks on any weapon in the game. While this has caused various exploits in making certain guns ridiculously powerful, the exploit that has had the most impact is for the FiNN LMG.

As any veteran Call of Duty player knows, LMGs are typically slow-firing weapons that are terrible at close-range. While LMGs typically pack a nasty punch with their firepower, they are seldom used in a "run and gun" style of gameplay. This exploit not only makes the FiNN LMG an incredibly powerful weapon but makes it perfect for close-range combat.

Warzone Exploit Turns FiNN Into a God Tier Weapon

The exploit for the FiNN is achieved by attaching by adding Vanguard's Gung-Ho perk to the Modern Warfare weapon. This perk allows players to fire the weapon while sprinting - a perk that is typically reserved for SMGs and lighter weapons. When the cumbersome gameplay is eliminated from LMG weapons, it turns them into a laser that can't be countered.

The bug was initially found and made famous by popular Call of Duty Youtuber, "JGOD", in a recent video. In the video, he showcases how the bug can not only be applied to the FiNN but other weapons like the PPSH as he destroys players in real Warzone games. While the exploit can be used to make other weapons significantly more powerful, no weapon is quite as powerful as the FiNN.

According to a tweet from Raven Software, they are actively working on fixing this issue so players can get back to playing balanced games of Warzone Pacific.