Warzone Faces Cheating Epidemic After Season 5 Update

Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Call of Duty: Warzone faces a cheating epidemic after the Season 5 reloaded update.

Many players of popular battle royale have taken to the internet to voice their frustrations over a noticeable rise in cheaters following the release of Warzone's Season 5 reloaded update. Although cheaters used to be a rampant issue before Activision released their anti-cheat software, there are occasions where players will notice a rise in hackers and cheaters, especially when a new update or patch comes out to rebalance the game.

It appears that with Activision and Raven Software's release of the final big update to Warzone until Warzone 2, cheaters have taken this as a time to join games before the end of the original Warzone. While many players have expressed their desire to see something done about the rise in cheaters whenever a new update comes out, neither Activision nor Raven Software has commented on plans to fix this problem.

Although the end of Warzone is near, many players are hoping that something will be done about the cheating epidemic plaguing one of the most popular battle royales of all time, whether that be through better anti-cheat or through a stricter enforcement of the rules.