Call of Duty

Warzone FAL Loadout Nearly as Good as Wall Hacks

This Warzone FAL loadout lets you see through walls without hacking.
This Warzone FAL loadout lets you see through walls without hacking. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are growing more and more fed up with cheaters capable of seeing through walls, perfectly tracking their movement with aimbots, and all the other myriad ways those hackers can ruin matches with unfair advantages.

But one player has come up with a way to approximate wall hacks without actually breaking any rules. All it takes is a FAL, a Snapshot Grenade launcher, and a little ingenuity.

Warzone player and Reddit user u/LordTexugo designed a FAL loadout that uses the Snapshot Grenade underbarrel launcher and FMJ rounds as a perk attachment. They can then use these tools to check the other sides of walls and fire through them, killing enemies who are none the wiser.

LordTexugo posted footage of their loadout in action to the game's subreddit. The clip starts with LordTexugo using a UAV to find the approximate location of an enemy player. When they climb the stairs to the floor the enemy is hiding on, they fire a Snapshot Grenade through the wall into the room they think the enemy is inside.

The Snapshot highlights the player through the wall, lying prone and watching the doorway in anticipation. LordTexugo simply raises their FAL with FMJ rounds and fires through the wall at the highlighted silhouette, killing the enemy before they know what hit them.