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Warzone FFAR Nerf: Is it Good Still?

Warzone FFAR Nerf: Is it Good Still?
Warzone FFAR Nerf: Is it Good Still? | Photo courtesy of Activision

Warzone's FFAR was recently nerfed, but is it still good? After Raven Software's April 6 Warzone hotfix, the big question as far as the meta is concerned is how much the Warzone FFAR nerf affected the weapon and is it still a good choice. Just after a silent nerf, its meta loadout counterpart, the AUG, also received a nerf (to be covered in a separate article).

Warzone FFAR Nerf: Is it Good Still?

From Raven Software, "We are bringing the FFAR a bit more in line with what you might expect from an AR—damage and range at the cost of handling." This isn't a new concept for this particular assault rifle, as players have been taking advantage of the gun's SMG and AR 2-for-1 features.

The update did affect the ADS (aim down sight) speed of the FFAR, but the right attachments counter this effect. As most players use this for their close-up weapon, it's likely the new meta loadout will see the Agency Suppressor fall off once more. It will probably be replaced by an attachment that can positively impact the ADS speed.

The new recommended FFAR loadout, according to former COD Pro Player BennyCentral, is:

  • 19.5" Task Force Barrel (For damage range, bullet velocity, and strafe speed)
  • Field Agent Grip (Counters negative Horizontal and Vertical recoil effects of the Barrel)
  • STANAG 50 Rnd Magazine (The Salvo 50 Mag has too high of a ADS penalty)
  • Serpent Grip (For increased ADS speed)
  • Raider Stock (Aim Walk Moving speed, ADS Moving Speed, Sprint to Fire time)

Of course if the ADS penalty doesn't affect your style of play, you can continue to use the Agency Suppressor. For those who like to run and gun, and get high kill games, this is the loadout for you.