Call of Duty

Warzone Field of Vision Bug Removes Recoil

Photo courtesy of Activision

A new Warzone bug takes recoil completely away in this clip posted to TikTok on Tuesday, Sept. 28, by user djfattyp. Allegedly, increasing a player's field of vision, more commonly known as fov, to 400 allows players to continuously fire without the gun kicking back at all.

In the new clip, djfattyp is seen apparently using this new 400 fov bug as they slid around and gun down an entire squad as the scope remains in place, straight as an arrow. Without this recoil, djfattyp is able to shred through all four members of the opposing squad, as multiple fire onto them simultaneously.

Completing a squad wipe is hard enough, let alone a 1v4. Yet djfattyp makes his 1v4 look easy as the barrier of recoil is completely removed on their end allowing them to more easily dispose of the enemy team.

Warzone 400 fov zero recoil bug
TikTok user djfattyp discovered by adjusting their fov to 400 they can get rid of recoil in Warzone / Photo courtesy of Activision/djfattyp

The ability to adjust fov is only available on PC versions of Warzone, meaning any console players hoping to make use of this bug are out of luck.

Activision has yet to acknowledge this bug and, as of writing of this article, the bug is still functional. Additionally, the original TikTok video posted by djfattyp has already amassed 1.3 million views and over 163 thousand likes with those numbers continuing to rise.

While there's no way of knowing how many players have since adopted this fov change the numbers are almost guaranteed to be high. In a game where the slightest of advantages can spell victory or defeat, players will use whatever edge they can get to see their screen flash victory.