Warzone Glitch Ends Matches Before All Players Die

This Warzone glitch is awarding wins while enemies are still alive.
This Warzone glitch is awarding wins while enemies are still alive. / Photo courtesy of Activision, via u/korvo42

A bizarre Call of Duty: Warzone glitch has been documented handing a win over to a team before all its enemies have died, ending the match prematurely when there was still a chance for it to go a different way.

Warzone subreddit user u/korvo42 shared video of the glitch in action Wednesday. The clip they posted begins with two teams still alive: their own team, with four living players, and one other, with three living players. The two teams run into one another on a rooftop, and korvo42's team manages to kill two of the players on the other squad. This should leave one player still alive — indeed, that player can be heard shooting, and a red dot indicating their position appears on korvo42's mini-map.

But the game seems to shrug its shoulders at that fact, throwing up the victory banner on korvo42's screen regardless. In the outro cinematic, the surviving player can be seen standing around korvo42's team as they load into the chopper. The survivor tarts walking around and shooting all over as they're left behind by the chopper.

This glitch has also appeared during a stream of Warzone streamer Iron, who experienced it during a solo match.

Warzone thrives on the tension built around being the last player standing, having to fight your way through scores of enemies to make it to the helicopter and escape Verdansk. But this glitch robs the ending of its tension and adds some confusion to the proceedings. Ultimately it's all the same for the winners, but those holdouts are sure to be upset.