Warzone Glitch Removes Modern Warfare Camos

Photo courtesy of Activision

Multiple players have posted on Reddit, sharing their experience with a Warfare Camo glitch. Call of Duty is almost synonymous with cheaters and glitches, so it's no surprise that there is another one at work. The only problem is it's removing hard-earned cosmetics from Call of Duty players.

 The best thing Warzone has going for it is the game keeps features from the past three Call of Duty games. This means players can keep their progress when it comes to weapons, attachments, skins, and camos. And this glitch is ruining that feature.

And this post wasn't the only one.

As both posts point out, the skin shows up in the Gunsmith but doesn't appear in-game. The good news is that Activision is aware of the problem. The bad thing is there is no fix yet. So players will have to be patient, and wait for a fix.

What is even more sad, is the comments sharing their experience with other bugs or glitches.

"Also sometimes the game will freeze for a solid second, and then for a solid minute the game will randomly stutter and then work fine again, it's gamebreaking. Another bug I noticed which isn't gamebreaking tho, is that operators selection is bugged, random favorite will stay stuck to one OP and won't change until you change it back, it can even select operators you don't own, kinda funny."

2022 is going to have to be a great year for Call of Duty if they want to snag their fanbase back.