Warzone Grau Build: Best Attachments to Use

Warzone Grau build
Warzone Grau build / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Warzone Grau build is great for short to medium range gunfights. The attachments vary from player to player and depend on your playstyle.

Warzone Grau Build: Best Attachments to Use

Here are five attachments to add to the Grau 5.56 that will increase mobility, ammo capacity, and damage range.

Warzone Grau Build: Monolithic Suppressor

The Monolithic Suppressor provides superior sound suppression and increases damage range. It adds moderate weight, which affects aim down sight speed and aiming gun steadiness.

Warzone Grau Build: FSS 26.4" Archangel

The FSS 26.4" Archangel increases damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. This heavyweight barrel is ideal for long-range engagements and sacrifices movement speed and aims down sight speed.

Warzone Grau Build: Canted Hybrid

The Canted Hybrid scope offers a 3.25x Scout with a side-mounting reflex sight. This allows you to change your sight at the touch of a button to its reflex or scout variation.

Warzone Grau Build: XBK StrikeLite III

This stock is designed for improved agility when aiming down sights. It increases Aim Walking Movement Speed but decreases your Aiming Stability.

Warzone Grau Build: 50 Round Mags

50 Round Mags extend your ammo capacity for better fire sustainability.

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