Warzone Gulag Tips: 5 Ways to Get Better

Warzone Gulag Tips: 5 Ways to get Better.
Warzone Gulag Tips: 5 Ways to get Better. / Photo Courtesy of Activision

Warzone Gulag Tips and five ways to get better is something everyone needs who is either just starting out, or is looking to get an advantage in the new Gulag. With Warzone Season 1 arriving on Dec. 15, many were excited at the new weapons and skins it would bring. However, it brought along with it a new Gulag, a surprise to many.

For those that aren't familiar, the Gulag in Warzone is a 1v1 fight in a small arena that allows you to come back to life in Verdansk if you kill the other player or capture the flag in the middle of the arena. You only have about 40 seconds to complete one of the tasks or the other, however, the flag isn't even available to capture until the final stages of the match.

With all of that said, we have five tips for you to improve your Gulag game if you're not on top of it already.

Warzone Gulag Tips: 5 Ways to get Better

1. Play the Edges

In order to make sure that you're covered you want to be able to see your opponent move. Along the edges is the best bet because you have your two sides covered.

2. Use your Equipment

Know that you can use your equipment to see where the other player is or cover your movement. For example, if you have a flashbang and a grenade, you can toss the flashbang to one of your opponents side, and if there isn't a hit-marker, then you can make an educated guess that they're somewhere on the other half.

3. Be aware of your given weapon

Know what kind of gun you're using and position yourself to make the best play. If you're given a shotgun or SMG, recognize you have to get closer to your opponent to hit effective shots. If you have an Assault Rifle know that you can sit back and shoot your opponent from further away without exposing yourself.

4. Movement

Just like in Verdansk, Gulag movement is important. If you have an educated guess at where your opponent is, don't just bum-rush them while they can sit back and wait to pump you full of lead. Remember to jump when going around corners and slide when taking cover in order to evade more shots.

5. When the Objective Flag comes up, be more aggressive.

If you like to sit back and wait for your opponent to expose themselves, that's fine. But once that flag goes up, make sure you're either checking the flag or going for it yourself. It's a sad loss to just sit back and lose without taking any chances.

Use these tips in Call of Duty Warzone in order to get back out into Verdansk. Saving your teammates from having to buy you back saves your team time, money, and the risk of exposing themselves. It could be the difference maker that gets your team to the victory.