Warzone Hacker Gets Tricked Into Showing Their Cheats on Stream

"You're logged in!"
"You're logged in!" / Image courtesy of vKreugerr

Throughout Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, one of the entries in the laundry list of issues players seemingly continue to deal with unfortunately is cheating.

Despite the global rollout of the Ricochet Anti-Cheat kernel-level driver, the community has seen a blatant cheater complaining on stream for over two minutes after their aimbot stopped working mid-match, and a streamer competing in a tourney interrupted by a pair of aim botters on a flying car.

Thanks to this clip posted on Twitter by Warzone content creator vKreuger, however, it appears we've hit a new low — a hacker exposing themself for using in-game cheats while on stream.

Warzone Hacker Gets Tricked Into Showing Their Cheats on Stream

On Jan. 23, vKreuger and ParanoidJr were seemingly playing in a custom tournament when they came across a player who had seemingly slipped past the Ricochet anti-cheat system.

As such, they took it upon themselves to take them down.

In the two-minute clip, vKreuger and ParanoidJr are in a Discord call with the alleged cheater "Collin," who is sharing their screen.

Confidently willing to oblige to the detectives' request as though they had nothing to hide, Collin sifts through various tabs, including their Microsoft Outlook inbox, when ParanoidJr spots the term "Battlelog.co."

When asked about Battlelog.co, Collin initially brushes it off by saying its for "Battlefield."

Unamused, ParanoidJr asks Collin to search up "Battlelog.co," who then says, "the '.co' thing is for cheats, I swear to god I think."

Despite Collin getting nervous, ParanoidJr gets them to open Battlelog.co, which Collin claims has "nothing on there."

At long last, the Battlelog.co home page opens, and hilariously enough, Collin is signed in.

Refusing to go forward with the investigation, Collin then closes all their tabs.