Call of Duty

Warzone Hacker's Cheats Backfire in Hilarious Fashion

"Spectating a hacker and witnessed the most hilarious death."
"Spectating a hacker and witnessed the most hilarious death." / Photo courtesy of Mr-Bubbles77, Activision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player recently ran into a cheater so bad, they couldn't win a game even while hacking.

In-game hackers have notoriously been a nuisance in Warzone throughout its lifespan thus far, with cheaters shamelessly being able to lock on to players through any piece of environment and beam them down with no effort needed.

As shown in this recent clip on Reddit, however, there are actually cheaters out there so bad, they still manage to throw games.

On Nov. 10, Reddit user u/Mr-Bubbles77 posted a thread titled, "Spectating a hacker and witnessed the most hilarious death."

In just 40 seconds, Mr-Bubbles77 clipped one of the most satisfying things to happen to an in-game hacker in Warzone history.

The clip starts with business as usual, with Mr-Bubbles77 spectating the guilty hacker who boldly goes by the in-game name of "itsdcbgames-onFB" — a quick perusal of the Facebook page shows that they blatantly cheat and have multiple Activision accounts with boosted K/D ratios.

With the hacker already approaching the seventh circle, it could easily be assumed that the rest of the game would be a cakewalk for them. What took place next, however, was far from the case.

Soon enough, the hacker finds what they assume to be their next victim, as exposed by them locking onto their position above.

For some reason, instead of repositioning or pushing them, they then start throwing frag grenades and stun directly at the roof between them, which obviously doesn't work.

After blowing through two frags and two stuns you'd think they'd be done and just push them. Instead, the hacker then pulls out a munitions box and goes for the through-the-roof 'nade again.

On the second try, however, the grenade falls right back on top of them, and combined with the munitions box, knocks them.

Out of sheer embarrassment, the hacker then immediately decides the bleed out right away and quit the game.

Suffice to say, Warzone's upcoming Ricochet Anti-Cheat system can't get here soon enough.