Warzone Hackers Are Being Paid to Stream Snipe TimTheTatman, and More

Image courtesy of Activision

Warzone hackers are reportedly being paid to stream snipe popular content creators, such as TimTheTatman and FaZe Kalei.

Recently, pro Warzone player Fifakill took to Twitter to discuss a conversation he had with a notorious cheater. The hacker in question, who uses the rather on-the-nose moniker "IHACKFORTHEWIN," apparently stream snipes certain streamers whilst hacking.

According to Fifakill, there's a Discord server dedicated to the frustrating practice. This Discord server lets users pay to to put a bounty on a certain streamer. This then invites hackers to stream snipe whoever has been selected, until they end their stream. The bigger the target, the more money is earned for whoever takes them down.

After discussing the purpose of the Discord, Fifakill went on to highlight and name some of the streamers who have been previously targeted. These included: TimTheTatman, MuTeX, FaZe Kalei, Tommey, and more. These aren't usually one-off instances, either. Kalei replied to Fifakill's Tweet, saying that she once had to put up with it for over eight hours.

These tactics are mostly frustrating for everyone involved, from the streamer to the viewer. To learn that hackers are now making money off of their harrassment is even more troubling. We can only hope that with the role out of Call of Duty's new anti-cheat software, RICOCHET, we'll see a crack down on the troubles.