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Warzone Hackers Can Apparently Score Kills by Shooting the Ground Now

Warzone hackers are able to get kills just by shooting at the ground.
Warzone hackers are able to get kills just by shooting at the ground. / Activision

Warzone hackers are able to get kills just by shooting at the ground.

A gameplay clip has gone viral exposing the latest bullet hacks in Warzone. Fresh off the heels of the magnetic bullets fiasco, it appears that cheaters have discovered yet another way to get their picks without physically aiming at all. Instead, their bullets appear to ricochet off the floor and directly into a nearby player.

You'd think that "aiming at the ground to score kills" would be the natural solution to last month's under-map clipping glitch—but it's never quite that simple.

Warzone Hackers are Shooting the Ground and Still Winning

The clip was uploaded via Twitter by @RayTheGreat on Sunday, May 9. In the video, RayTheGreat is approaching a nearby housing structure with a small squad when one of them abruptly goes down. Ray revives them, announcing that he doesn't know where the bullets came from, before rushing inside to aid another mysteriously fallen player.

It's then when the opponent's position becomes apparent as bullets begin to fly into the house through the windows all while making a strange ricochet-like noise. It isn't long before the opponent appears in the window frame and takes Ray out. This, however, is where the "magic" happens.

While spectating, Ray notices the opposing player take aim at the ground as someone else comes near. They then shoot directly at the ground just a few paces in front of them and Ray is able to clearly see the bullets bounce off the ground and effortlessly into those nearby.

"Hackers are evolving more than Goku after five years of training," Ray wrote.

"This man out here playing ping pong with those bullets!" Twitter user @astroboihero commented, to which @MARTYMUZ replied, "They can set it up to richoxett on walls so that way call of duty can't truly ban them for aim bot!"

Whatever the logistics, players are definitely unhappy considering Activision's supposed lack of effective anti-cheat measures—although, this may be an understatement. It feels like Warzone hackers are learning at the rate of a full-blown Black Mirror antagonist.

Activision and Raven Software have yet to make a statement regarding the clip.