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Warzone Hackers Making Rebirth Island Unenjoyable

Photo by Activison

Warzone has now been a mainstay in the shooter category for a while now. With hackers making the ultimate return, players do not know how much longer they will stick around.

In Season Six, hackers have begun to flood the Rebirth Island playlists like never before and making fans feel like the mode is just no longer enjoyable at all.

Warzone Hackers Making Rebirth Island Unenjoyable

In the Tweet above, Activision released a ton of new information about their new Anti-Cheat called "Ricochet." It is scheduled to be released on Day One of Warzone's new Pacific Update.

With this new information about the Anti-Cheat coming out, current Warzone players are left with their hands in the air trying to figure out what is going to change now.

On Rebirth Island, players have complained about seeing hackers going around in Halloween outfits that have not been released yet.

Although seeing hackers at the start of a new season is not out of the ordinary for Warzone, the infesting of the Rebirth Island playlists has made fans want to move away from the game faster than ever before.

If the Anti-Cheat system does not change this problem drastically, Warzone could see its player base drop quicker than ever before.