Call of Duty

Warzone Hackers Provide Random Players With All Gun Camos, Attachments, and Level 1000

Hack gives players gun, camos, attachments and level 1,000
Hack gives players gun, camos, attachments and level 1,000 / Photo by Activision

In one of the biggest hacks Warzone’s ever seen, players are randomly being given every single gun camo unlock in the game— including Dark Matter— attachments and level 1,000.

It’s no secret that the Call of Duty community, and all gaming communities, to be frank, are not a fan of hackers. Often times hackers make games less fun for the opposing parties; it’s not fun to compete against an opponent with an unfair advantage. 

The few times hackers do bring enjoyment and fun is cases like these. Players receiving every gun camo in the book, a free boost to level 1,000 and attachments galore all for free. This makes things easier for the players, making it so they don’t need to grind it out in multiplayer and public lobbies. 

In a sort of “take from the rich and give to the poor” manner, hackers decided to give back to the community that so vehemently dislikes them by unlocking everything for players in their respective lobbies. Although possibly thought of as a glitch, most like to think that this is just a plain hack done by giving cheaters. 

This hack was previously reported on July 12 and has since then silently fixed by the Warzone developers. 

As seen in the Tweet, Twitch Streamer, and Warzone player, Biffle’s clip, he’s moving around as achievements and camo randomly start appearing. It was neverending which prompted him to back out of the match due to his screen being covered by the rewards.

Once in the lobby, Biffle realized that every single gun and camo were unlocked on top of reaching level 1,000. Biffle wasn’t the only one to experience this as Minnesota ROKKR Warzone streamer, iSmixie, also claimed to have this happen to them. 

There are reports of other streamers and Warzone players receiving this hack, FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS, Swagg and MuTeX all experienced this. 

At the moment it’s thought that the hack stems from an older Call of Duty hack that has now been repurposed for Warzone. There is the belief that it can be tied back to recent free trials given by cheat companies; it’s all an uncertainty.