Warzone HDR Build: Best Attachments to Use

Warzone HDR build
Warzone HDR build / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Warzone HDR build varies from player to player and requires situational awareness to be most efficient. Next to the AX-50, the HDR is one of the most powerful snipers available and is recommended for slower players in power positions.

Warzone HDR Build

Here are a few attachments that will give this sniper a step up in sound suppression, accuracy, and damage range in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Warzone HDR Build: Monolithic Suppressor

The Monolithic Suppressor sacrifices player agility by decreasing Aim Down Sight Speed and Aiming Gun Steadiness, but it makes up for by increasing Sound Suppression and Damage Range. Sound Suppression is important because it allows players to fire off rounds while still keeping their positions hidden.

Warzone HDR Build: 26.9" HDR Pro

This barrel adds Damage Range, Bullet Velocity, and Recoil Control for a more accurate shot. Similar to the Monolithic Suppressor, the added weight of the attachment decreases Aim Down Sight Speed and Movement Speed.

Warzone HDR Build: Thermal Sniper Scope

The Thermal Sniper Scope is a community favorite because of how powerful it is. Its high powered Thermal Target Identification uses an 8x thermal sniper scope to detect and highlight heat signatures of enemy players visible in all lighting conditions. Pair this class with Ghost and Cold Blooded to not fall victim to radar or thermal snipers.

Warzone HDR Build: FTAC Hunter Scout

The FTAC Hunter Scout adds Aiming Stability. This limits weapon sway to make for a more precise shot. Like every other attachment before it, this stock limits weapon mobility, so if you plan on running long distances, swap to your secondary.

Warzone HDR Build: 9 Round Mags

9 Round Mags increases ammo capacity. This gives you a more sustained fire because it allows more shots in a clip.

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