Warzone Infinite Ammo Glitch Uncovered

How to do the Warzone infinite ammo glitch
How to do the Warzone infinite ammo glitch / Courtesy of Activision

Warzone infinite ammo is the newest glitch in the Call of Duty Warzone world, and it allows players to have infinite ammo with the akimbo perk. It isn't the most useful glitch in the world as short-range gun fights aren't the most common and akimbo weapons lose a lot of value outside of close-quarter combat. It also requires players to be near a weapon to abuse the exploit, so it's situational, but in those situations it can provide a very unfair advantage.

How to use the Call of Duty Warzone Infinite Ammo Glitch

All you you need to do is have akimbo weapons equipped and a weapon on the ground near you to do this glitch. If you shoot every bullet in your left handed weapon, pick up the gun on the ground and then pick up your akimbo weapons, the left handed gun will reload entirely. Therefore, if you are able to continuously use your ammo and then quickly drop and pick up your weapons again, you will never run out of ammo.