Call of Duty

Warzone Invincibility Bug is Back and Ruining Matches

Image courtesy of Activision

A bug that causes invincibility has seemingly returned to Warzone, leaving many players frustrated with the state of the game.

This particular bug has cropped up in various ways over the course of Wazone's existence. From game hacks to glitches, invincibilty in Warzone is about as frustrating as it gets. Now, according to a Reddit clip posted by user NuttyMcCrunch, players have been encountering these invincible opponents in solo matches.

In the clip, NuttyMcCrunch comes across a player running towards them with a riot shield on their back. They fire at the enemy which has no effect. NuttyMcCrunch realizes that their only option is to try and retreat, however they are soon eliminated by two other players, also with riot shields on their back and seemingly taking advantage of the bug.

While the post originally identified the issue as a hack, other players were quick to point out that a bug in the game was actually the cause. The glitch happens when players who are using a riot shield are shot by a Rytec sniper. The good news regarding this bug, though, is that it's very circumstantial. Not only does it rely on a riot shield being present, but the Rytec sniper isn't an extremely popular weapon choice. Players may have a hard time replicating the necessary conditions in order to exploit the bug in solo matches. Of course, this has the potential to become problematic when players group up together.

As of yet, there has been no word from Activision regarding a fix for this particular bug. For the time being players will have to be patient and hope that the bug exploit doesn't become too prevalent.