Warzone Kill-Cam Bug Giving Players Free Advanced UAV

Advanced UAV Glitch
Advanced UAV Glitch / Courtesy of "Aydan"

A new Warzone bug has been an absolute blessing to players that have been fortunate enough to come across it. A kill-cam bug in the game is letting spectating players see everyone on the map through the eyes of an Advanced UAV.

Warzone pro, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad came across this bug after dying during a recent Twitch stream. When the spectating screen popped up, he opened up the full map and to his surprise, he was able to see all enemy locations on Verdansk. The enemies showed up as Advanced UAV blips so Aydan could see not only their location on the map but the directions that they were facing. They only popped up on the map for three seconds but in that time Aydan was able to give his team the location of the highest populated area on the map.

Normally when players get an Advanced-UAV it's because they've used three standard UAVs together but this glitch lets players get their hands on one for free. So far, not many people have encountered this. But if a player as good as Aydan gets this glitch with a strong team they could heavily shift things into their favor.

It's unknown whether developers are aware of this glitch but with Raven Software's track record it's likely that this will get fixed very soon. Hopefully, before it does you or a teammate is lucky enough to come across an Advanced UAV in the afterlife.