Warzone Leak Hints at 'Loot Bunkers' Coming in the Future

A Warzone leak shows new playable areas including bunkers which could work like vaults in Apex Legends. It's common for battle royale games to take popular mechanics in other games and add them to their own. When Apex Legends first released and had the respawn system in place, Fortnite was quick to follow.

And now a new mechanic might be making its way to Call of Duty: Warzone. Loot vaults in Apex Legends give players the opportunity to find high-end gear if they find a keycard. It's a fun system and should do well in Call of Duty if they're added.

Warzone Leak Hints at 'Loot Bunkers'

The leak was posted by Reddit user DougDagnabbit. It shows the bunker doors unlocking and swinging open. This would also put to rest all the rumors and Easter eggs about the bunker doors which have been closed since the game launched.

YouTuber S0ur was the one to make the comparisons to Apex Legends when he saw the bunkers had abnormally high loot tables. With data mined keycards, increased loot, and the slow opening of the doors, the new bunkers would work exactly like loot vaults

Players started noticing the Red Access Card in the wild as a world drop. Maybe those have something to do with these leaked bunkers...