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Warzone Leaker Suggests Bots Coming to Multiplayer

Bots may be coming to Warzone in Call of Duty 2022.
Bots may be coming to Warzone in Call of Duty 2022. / Photo courtesy of Activision

A Call of Duty leaker has suggested Call of Duty 2022 could bring bots to both Warzone and the game's standard multiplayer mode.

Leaker @RalphsValve, who previously revealed a raft of information about Call of Duty 2022, some of which was confirmed independently by VGC, says Activision plans to introduce bot pools to some multiplayer games with Call of Duty 2022. Using skill-based matchmaking, Call of Duty 2022 will reportedly determine whether or not a player is eligible to enter a player-vs.-player-vs.-environment lobby.

These bots will use a "smarter, more receptive and flexible AI system," Ralph says.

"With the overhaul in AI, they'll be able to track and equal a players' level of skill throughout a match, countering 'smurfs.'"

Based on Ralph's description, it seems possible these bots will help to protect players with lower skill ratings from stronger players looking for easy wins by intentionally throwing their own matches.

It's unclear if these bots will be used exclusively in Warzone, or if they'll also appear in Call of Duty 2020's multiplayer mode.

But bots in battle royales are frequently the subject of controversy. Players typically object to being matched against them, complaining about being fed easy wins over bots or about the break in action bots typically represent. It remains to be seen if reported Call of Duty 2020 developer Infinity Ward will implement such a system.

Activision has yet to comment on Ralph's leaks.