Warzone M4A1 Build: Best Long Range Setup

Warzone M4A1 Build: Best Long Range Setup
Warzone M4A1 Build: Best Long Range Setup / Photo Courtesy of Infinity Ward

The Best Long Range Setup for the Warzone M4A1 Build keeps your position hidden while still maintaining maximum control to hit those long-range shots.

Warzone M4A1 Build: Best Long Range Setup

Here are five attachments for your Warzone M4A1 long-range build.

Warzone M4A1 Build: Monolithic suppressor

The Monolithic Suppressor provides superior sound suppression and increased range. Moderate weight increase affects Aim Down Sight Speed and Aiming Gun Steadiness.

Warzone M4A1 Build: Stock M16 Grenadier

Heavy-duty 20.0" barrel significantly increases muzzle velocity, extends range, and reduces recoil. The substantial weight makes for smoother handling but hinders Aim Down Sight Speed and Movement Speed.

Warzone M4A1 Build: Thermal Hybrid

The Thermal Hybrid is a 3.25x Thermal scope with a side-mounting reflex sight. You can toggle thermal imaging with a flick of the wrist but can not use while NVG is active. Your Aim Down Sight Speed takes a slight hit.

Warzone M4A1 Build: Rubberized Grip Tape

The Rubberized Grip Tape keeps your gun tight in hand. It is less steady but helps control recoil.

Warzone M4A1 Build: Tactical Foregrip

The Tactical Foregrip is a streamlined foregrip that provides superior control in acquiring targets. Your Aiming Stability increases, but your Movement Speed decreases.

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