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Warzone March 3 Update Reverts Agency Suppressor Back to Original State

The Agency Suppressor has returned to its former glory.
The Agency Suppressor has returned to its former glory. | Photo courtesy of Raven Software

Raven Software introduced a new Warzone update on Wednesday. The patch focuses on reverting certain suppressors back to their original state but also includes some minor fixes.

With the release of Season 2, the Warzone developers introduced several changes to the game. Most of the updates added new content, but a variety of buffs and nerfs to certain weapons and attachments were also included. One of the more controversial changes was an update to the Agency Suppressor. The Warzone community quickly noticed that it was "secretly" nerfed. After many players raised concerns regarding the nerf, Raven Software announced that they would "be returning the Agency/GRU/Wrapped Suppressors to their former glory."

Warzone March 3 Update

The latest Warzone update went live on Wednesday. It is a small patch which reverts the Agency, GRU, and Wrapped Suppressors back to their pre-Season 2 state, introduces minor UI changes, and fixes an issue with Baker's Operator Mission.

The Agency Suppressor was previously a viable alternative to the Monolithic Suppressor, but when the nerf was introduced alongside Season 2, its bullet velocity was downgraded. The nerf reduced the suppressor's range and effectiveness, and Warzone players were not impressed when they noticed the change. As is stated in the March 3 patch notes, the "Agency/GRU/Wrapped Suppressors have been reverted to their previous state".

Raven Software also included a few fixes in the latest update. In particular, the "fourth Operator Mission for Baker now tracks correctly." Changes "to various UI elements such as icons, store bundles, player level up, among others" were also made.

The Warzone community must surely be pleased with the latest patch. Although the March 3 update only included minor changes, Raven Software announced that it would be introducing a bigger update in the coming days.