Warzone Mobile Changes Expected Release Date on App Store


The long awaited global release of Call of Duty's Warzone Mobile has been seemingly pushed back even further, after its App Store listing received an update.

Warzone Mobile was officially announced back in September 2022, and has since received a limited release in select regions. Fans in Australia, Chile, Norway and Sweden have all been given the chance to check out Warzone Mobile and explore its content, but the game has still been without a full global release.

The limited release is a work-in-progress, allowing developers to adjust content and collect feedback ahead of its global launch. That said, Warzone Mobile is already in its Season 3, yet there's still no US release date in sight.

Previously, a listing in the App Store hinted at the game getting its full launch on May 15, 2023, however the listing has since been updated. The expected release date is now seemingly listed as Nov 1, 2023.

However, in a recent video blog, Co-Studio Head Chris Plummer gave fans an update on the state of the mobile game and confirmed that Activision has not yet made any announcement on the global release date for Warzone Mobile. "There are signs of a release date online in certain places, but we have not made any announcements to the worldwide launch date yet," Plummer explained.

So while the listing might say Nov. 1 for now, the guaranteed release date still seems to be up in the air.

"When we're ready to announce we will let you know, you'll hear it from us, and it will be exciting."

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