Call of Duty

Warzone Mobile Event Teased for Nov. 13-14

Image courtesy of Activision

It seems that a new Call of Duty event showcasing Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is on the horizon after many people have reportedly received mysterious packages teasing its arrival.

For those unaware, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile was officially revealed in a tweet back in September. More details were provided later on during the Call of Duty Next event that promised players the arrival of Verdansk, cross-progression, and 120-player matches.

Since then, details regarding the much-anticipated title have been scarce. That is until a series of packages were sent out to notable individuals such as TRB Vague and MrDalekJD.

Warzone Mobile Event Details

As shown in a tweet by MrDalekJD, the package revealed that a global summit would be held in London on Nov. 13 for Warzone Mobile. The package itself contained a box from London stained with blood and burn marks. Within the box, MrDalekJD found a postcard from London saying, "Big Ben is the key to opening your London Experience."

There was also a code lock that opened once the number 141 was input. Twitter user imVaguee was able to provide a glimpse of what the lock was safeguarding and it seems to be another mission brief for them to follow.

Unfortunately that is all the information that has been revealed up to this point. Fans should expect some more official information in the coming weeks though, as we approach the Nov. 13 date shown on the packages.