Warzone Mobile Release Date Finally Confirmed

Check out the confirmed Warzone Mobile Release date.
Check out the confirmed Warzone Mobile Release date. / Activision

After years of speculation, the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile release date has finally been confirmed.

As fans continue to enjoy the return of Fortune's Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2, they now have another huge release to look forward to—Warzone Mobile. The mobile game was released in several countries throughout the world back in 2023, but never had a confirmed worldwide release. Instead, most fans could only experience Call of Duty's Battle Royale on their PCs and consoles...until now.

So, how much longer do fans have to wait for Warzone Mobile to drop?

Warzone Mobile Release Date Finally Confirmed

Warzone Mobile will be released on Mar. 21, 2024, confirmed by Activision. Finally, the title will be available to players worldwide.

Warzone Mobile features Verdansk and Rebirth Island, two of the best Warzone maps of all time. Verdansk lobbies will consist of 120 players while Rebirth Island matches will only contain 48 players.

The mobile game also includes fan-favorite multiplayer maps, Shipment, Shoot House, and Scrapyard. In just one month, fans can experience the return of Verdansk and the chaos of Shipment right in the palm of their hands.

How to Pre-Order Warzone Mobile

To pre-order Warzone Mobile, simply head to the App Store on your iOS device or Google Play on your Android. The free-to-play mobile game finally has a full page in both shops that includes the trailer, a detailed game breakdown, and more.

Before you pre-order, though, make sure you meet the device requirements; only those with iOS 16 or better, with 3GB or more storage space available, can download and eventually play Warzone Mobile.

Does Warzone Mobile Have Cross-Progression? Answered

Yes, Warzone Mobile has cross-progression with PC and console. For the first time, you can continue unlocking the current Battle Pass or leveling up your weapons in Warzone when you are away from your normal setup.

Now, when you are on the go, you can not only play Warzone on your handheld device, but also continue your overall progress on your account.