Call of Duty

Warzone Mobile Twitter and Instagram Hinting Toward an Official Release

Photo Courtesy of Activison

Some interesting news has taken place in the Call of Duty universe. We all know about the upcoming new game, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Well, it seems that these two games will be available on more than just console and PC. Recently, Activision created a Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Instagram account. This account has already been verified and has one post. A post that we will discuss more later.

Additionally, there is also a Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile Twitter account. This account though is private and only has one follower. It is unknown who the follower is and if the account has tweeted anything.

Both social media accounts share an image. The Instagram page has posted this photo and the Twitter account has it as the image as its header.

The image has the words "Project Aurora." Also in the image are three men holding assault rifles and a plane with several paratroopers. On the Call of Duty blog page, there is little information about what this game will be. But, it is "The codename for our new mobile title."

One last piece of interesting information comes from the Warzone Mobile Twitter page. If you look closely and notice the header image of the account. The image is of several players deploying to a location. Many will remember that the location is of Quarry on the original Verdansk map.

Warzone Mobile could be focused primarily on Verdansk. Or Warzone 2 will feature parts of the Verdansk map. Neither is confirmed at this point and is just a theory, but a happy theory.