Warzone Nuke Event Leaks

Warzone Nuke Event
Warzone Nuke Event / Photo Courtesy of Activision

A Warzone Nuke event has apparently leaked, which might give us some insight into how the beginning of a new Warzone era. With Warzone merging into Black Ops Cold War on Dec. 10, players have been curious as to what they'll see when the merge happens.

The recently leaked icon for the nuclear event was found by ImFireMonkey on Twitter, and the caption for the event is called "Rebirth." As per other leaks, we expect to see Rebirth Island come to Warzone. We aren't sure if we are receiving it right away because nothing has been confirmed. However, if they're going to open Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War with this live event, it wouldn't be farfetched to think we'll get to earn this icon on Rebirth Island during the event.

Warzone Nuke Event Leaked

Besides the Icon, we also received other leaks. It appears the Raid Map is back, Nuketown is getting a Christmas makeover, and you can get an Alcatraz Calling Card. All of this information is thanks to Call of Duty Leaks on Twitter. With the addition of new maps, we can only hop we continue to see more added throughout Season 1.

With the transition of Warzone to Black Ops Cold War, the anticipation is building for what we'll see in Season 1.