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Warzone Pacific Announced as New Map

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

Call of Duty: Warzone has been in a downswing recently, with many players leaving for other games because of repetitive content as well as the lack of a prominent anti-cheat in the game. However, with a recent reveal during the Vanguard multiplayer reveal stream, players were given a lot of hope the game may be on its way back to popularity.

Warzone Pacific Announced as New Map

During the reveal stream, it was dropped onto players that later this year, an all new map will be coming to Warzone. This map will be known as the Pacific map, and is a lush tropical island as opposed to the forest and mountains of Verdansk.

This map will include all new points of interest and will no doubt hold countless secrets for players to find. Bringing a fresh new map to the game is something players have asked for since very early on in the game's lifecycle, and it seems with the Vanguard launch or shortly after players will finally have a huge new area to explore.

Also reiterated was the anti-cheat coming along with Vanguard, to help combat Warzone cheaters. Time will tell if this will fix issues involving hackers but players can be hopeful. This anti-cheat along with the all new map will be coming after Vanguard launches this fall, and can be expected to be a big make or break event for the Warzone community.