Call of Duty

Warzone Pacific Buy Station Glitch is Crashing Games

Image courtesy of Activision

Buy Stations might be best avoided in Warzone for the time being, with a new glitch seemingly crashing games.

A returning glitch is causing some problems for Warzone players on consoles, adding to the already hefty list of issues players are running into. This latest glitch to crop up occurs when using a Buy Station, an important part of any Warzone match. Players heading to a Buy Station to better equip themselves or revive a teammate have been getting a frustrating surprise when the game just crashes altogether.

Veteran players might remember that this glitch has cropped up before a few years ago. It's surprising, then, to see it reappear in Warzone Pacific for whatever reason.

One Reddit user took to the COD Warzone subreddit to post about their experience with this latest glitch.

Posted by u/fatversionofyou, the post read, "Game freezes for 5-10 seconds every time I go to the Buy Station."

"Am I the only one this happens to? Ever since they brought back Rebirth, the Buy Station makes my game freeze for 5-10 seconds or just completely crashes to the Xbox dashboard every time I use it lol. Cool feature."

The post quickly received comments from other players who had also encountered the glitch. Sadly, it doesn't seem limited to just Xbox players. One user said, "I’m on pc this happens to me too. Same for my friend on PS4."

Some, however, were simply having problems without even accessing the Buy Station. User Ctebah said, "I find that each game I play, the frames go down. So I close the app and restart and then I’m back to smooth sailing. Then it just becomes more and more choppy. Stupid I’m not able to get 120fps on the PS5 and now not even the 60."

It's clear that Warzone Pacific still needs some work. When a feature as important as the Buy Station is breaking games, getting a simple match in becomes hugely problematic. Considering the issue is as widespread as it is, hopefully it won't be long before Raven Software deploys a fix.