Call of Duty

Warzone Pacific Season 1 Weapons, Operators Leak

A trio of Warzone Operators and weapons appears to have leaked.
A trio of Warzone Operators and weapons appears to have leaked. / Photo courtesy of Activision

A trio each of Call of Duty: Warzone characters and guns have been revealed in what appears to be a leaked bit of key art for the upcoming Warzone Pacific Update.

Although the art wasn't released via official Activision channels, it bears all the hallmarks of classic Call of Duty promotional material. It shows the three characters walking toward the camera along a tropical beach, carrying guns and covered in war-making materials — ammo pouches, grenades, camouflage — with the words "Call of Duty Vanguard Season One" plastered across the top of the image.

The operator in the back of the trio wearing tropical camouflage appears to be the playable Operator Francis. He appears to be carrying a BSA Welgun, which was a prototype submachine gun developed by Britain for its special forces. The gun was never widely adopted.

To his left stands a character named Anna, who appears to be carrying an M1944 Hyde Carbine, or possibly a Thompson submachine gun. The third weapon, carried by a character leakers claim to be named Lewis, has yet to be identified.

Activision has yet to confirm any of these details. Caldera, Warzone's upcoming tropical map, is set for release Dec. 9, following a delay. Vanguard owners will be able to play starting Dec. 8.