Call of Duty

Warzone Phone Locations Detailed

Photo by Activision

The Haunting Event has been added to Warzone and along with it comes a challenge to find all the phones located around Verdansk. The ask includes finding three phone locations that we have provided for you today.

Warzone Phone Locations Detailed

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The phone locations are spread across the map of Verdansk for you to answer.

The locations are as follows:

First, you can find one of the phones located at Promenade East. Specifically, you will find it in one of the small houses that are located in the east side next to the four-way intersection.

Second, you can find one of the phones located inside the Train Station. In the Sacred Ground, head inside the room about southwest of the point. Inside there you will find the next phone.

Third, you can find one of the phones located in a trailer at the Airport. From the Sacred Ground, go towards southeast until you reach a structure that comes from the Airport on the map. The phone is inside that trailer.

Fourth, this phone location is pretty easy to find as it is on the main counter of the Hospital.

Fifth, you will find the final available phone location at the TV Station. Head towards the office area and the phone is on the desk of one of the cubicles in the middle.

Those are the current locations and remember you only need to answer three of them while they are ringing, not all of them.